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(first posted 12/1/15)

My yesterday did not go as planned. I did not get done anything I wanted to do. My finances are going to unlikely places, just as in this devotion I wrote weeks ago. In reflection, almost any day can be a journey to unlikely places. What a great way to be reminded of Jesus's birth in that every time things do not go as planned, I can be reminded of Jesus's journey to an unlikely place.
Click here to read the devotion.

Click here to download Tara's doodles in coloring page and full color.

Above is a margin strip I made with the verse in the devotional.

To get an advance copy of all the devotions and to read more about our challenge for you, see this post.

I am not seeing much activity, not even comments of thanks, with these devotions for all the work we've put into them. One minute I am praying that that God change my attitude in looking for people to use it and just be blessed that we are able to share and that God can do so much more than we can imagine. I get this failure thing in my head and I must see me as God sees me instead. I then switch and pray that God allow me to see what others do as confirmation believing that He will give what we ask and it is okay to ask! I flip flop back and forth in my prayers.

Please pray with me. Lord, I desire life. I ask You to bring to my mind my transgressions and thank You for Your forgiveness. I praise You for coming to an unlikely places such as a manger. What a great and excellent thing for you to come to earth born as a baby to live a life that ended in our salvation! Help me from getting stuck in my own plans and desires and to see Your rerouting as good and perfect. In your name I pray. Amen.


sassygirl said…
Hummie, you have been an inspiration to me for YEARS! You were one of the first designers I stumbled across when I started the scrapbooking Photoshop Elements things. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started traveling the bible art journaling path and found that once again you were in the forefront being your wonderful generous self, sharing the fruits of your labors. I love your tutorials. Blessings on you through this advent season. Thank you for sharing your art and techniques. I am humbled by what I see yet encouraged that I can do it too with enough practice. I just upgraded to PSE 14 from 9, and it is much simpler. I have a vast archive of jpg's and png's to use, but need to learn actions, blending and overlays to make it more like the art journaling I see.
anitab said…
I just shared today's devotion with my husband, as well. Your concept of journeys to unlikely places is profound - and I will be using it to remind me that Jesus' journey to earth was unlikely, and only possible because of God's love. I'm praying for you to be blessed as you continue posting these thoughts that are a blessing for us. Hugs! Anita
Tara D said…
I have so appreciated the journey theme that you have prepared :) Thank you for all that you do! Had to share this on Pinterest :)
Hummie B said…
Thank you all so much for your comments! They are a blessing to me and such an encouragement to keep trodding along this advent.
grambie said…
Hi sweetie. So glad to be able to send these words of appreciation for the wonderful service and guidance you have given me over the years. I was an earlier follower before you had this blog, and we downloaded the many free digital scrapping pieces so faithfully. It was a blessing to me when I was physically able to use speaking software to say hello to you after a lengthy absence because of debilitating illnesses. You were a familiar entity after my lengthy absence that made me feel loved and appreciated. I must say that I also miss your beautiful uplifting layouts at Dinsk's challenges. So many sites that were available no longer exist, plus this year has added to that total. I still follow your spiritual art journaling on Flickr. As long as I have breath, I will always give honor to you for guiding me onto this wonderful journey. You are loved. Shirl K.
Shirl! So good to see you here. You are such a blessing to me! I love every time you visit me.

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