Good-bye Hummie's World

I got an email that informed me that my domain that I had worked so hard on all those years had expired.  I silently mourned November 4. It is hard for me to let go, but it is time.  No one else really cares but me. 
I wonder if someone will grab the url I created or it if will go unpurchased. I would rather no one purchase it.

Today, on November 7, I checked and the forwarding on the domain name is still going to My Corner Online.  I was surprised.  I thought it would be zapped.  I looked up the above chart and apparently I still have time to change my mind. What torture to the emotional state.


anitab said…
Actually, Hummie, you're not the only one who cares! I wish I had time to do all the things I want to do; and I wish I'd had time to continue my involvement at Hummie's World. But - I have very fond memories of a time when I was active there; and I will be forever grateful to you for all the teaching and support you provided!

I'm so glad that I can see new ways that God is using you, and I know He will continue to do that!

Thank you for having Hummie's World and all it has meant to so many of us!
Barbara Peek said…
Hummie I too know you have worked so hard on your Hummie's world and I have learned and enjoyed your site for some time. But I also know sometimes it is even harder to make a change and let God take you in a new direction. He has used you in a very special way and will continue to use you. Even if we continue to see you online because I care and I know other's do.
The Lord gave me a Scripture it is Be Still and know I am God. Psalm 46:10 and I couldn't even begin to tell you how many ways and times he has given me this Scripture. He knows I like to fix everything instead of being still and giving it to Him. Exodus 14:14 is the other one He has given me if I am still He will fight for me.
Hummie sending you lots of Blessings and Prayers for you and Thank you.
NancyP said…
Hummie, you KNOW how I feel!!! I wouldn't be where I am today in the digi world if it hadn't been for you pushing me, even if we butted heads!! I knew you always had my best interest at heart. You taught me everything there is to know and I so appreciate all your years, time and effort you put forth for all of us. You were like our digi mom!! I agree with the above comments. Look at this as God opening another door, and just think of the excitement as you explore what is waiting on the other side!!! Love and hugs!!!
Tammy said…
I can agree with the above comments!! I learned SO much at Hummie's World and gained a good friend. :)

Continue on where God is leading you.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Hummie,
I remember our personal conversations before Hummies World. Back and forth, then a new program was coming out and you said we will learn together! That says it all! I found a friendship that did not cost me, but only my friendship 💙
Hummies world was born, I mourned our friendship, but embraced your site. Learned so much.
Life always starts simple. When the cost of money or time gets too high, we must dust off our sandals and move on.
God gives us people, they sometimes come and go for a reason. I would like to hang on to you forever.
Time will tell what our future holds.
I wanted to write this earlier....a little shy.
Just know you made a difference in my world and gave me happiness 💙 I hope I did the same for you 💙

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