Instagram Photos Nov 14 - 20

I have been trying to do a lot of genealogy this week. I am so happy to have gone through tons of boxes that I received from my Uncle and at least organized the contents, throwing some away, recycling some after scanning them in, and reducing in size after removing photos from huge albums that were falling apart. I only have so much time in a day, so I am trying to juggle the things I like to do in my spare time, going back and forth between photography and digital Bible journaling to genealogy. This week, I mostly failed at getting anything else done but the genealogy, but I sure did make a lot of progress, so I am happy.

November 16 Sharing a photo of Bollinger Mill that I took in March 2012.

November 18, 2016 Always amazing #zontaWomen of Achievement Luncheon at@rays_of_kelso #capegirardeau #missouri What a crowd of amazing people.#ilovemycity @zontaintl


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