Instagram Photos Oct 31 - Nov 6

November 1, 2016 Prompt {free choice} I wanted to share each of these photos individually, but did not want to bombard your stream of photos. I hope you can see them. We had a great time at the #boardwalk when we discovered that art had naturally placed itself on the top of the posts. It was fun to stop and enjoy each unique piece of art. 
*The original of this looks so much better! The social networking apps sure did degrade this image.

November 2, 2016 #hiyapapayaphotoadayprompt #hp_everyday I haven't shared a food photo in a long time! #Lunch on the patio and it's 78 degrees on Nov 2. Crazy. Meatballs, pear, asparagus drizzled with#honey to make it seem special and add calories lol Added orange towel underneath to compliment the season.#foodie #simplethings#itsaboutthesimplethings #lovelife

November 4, 2016 What I love about being an #adventure is stumbling upon the#amazing #littlethings like this #canopyof #trees on a #countryroad in the middle of nowhere with the breaking of light at the #endofthetunnel God is good. #blessings if you just look

November 5, 2016 Afternoon #greentea , with hot out of the oven almond cream cheese #scones , on top of these boards I found today from my childhood bedframe slates that I cut in half and painted, along with a teaspoon mat made of leftover material that I sewed last weekend. #itsaboutthelittlethings#enjoy #littlethings #tea #still_life

November 5, 2016 Prompt {kindness} Thanks momma for putting on my P.J.'s and tucking me into some blankets so I'd stop shivering. Now I can get a nap in this 65 degree home.


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