Is it going to be a new moon kind of week?

I slept from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. I've been have a discussion with others on Facebook who cannot sleep. How about you? Been able to sleep? 

Uh oh! New moon is tomorrow! I'd better get my caffeinated tea out! Now, I don't really believe in this stuff about the moon, but have to say, every time my phone ringeth over at work with people in distress and crying, I begin to joke "it must be a full moon." So I go and look and every time it is a new moon! It's gonna be one of those days. Get prepared.

Today I go back to work after being off since last Thursday.  Yep, it's back-to-work-Monday and I'm starting it off very tired.  Think I can get a nap in between 5 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.?

After that it seems my week is going to be a full one.

I am starting a boot camp today.  Yep, today is the beginning of 3 weeks of diet for me.  Right before the holidays is the perfect time to commit, huh?  Not right after the holidays in January when it is too late to put on that holiday-self control face.

I am still going through that wince every time someone unsubscribes from the newsletter that goes with this blog.  I'm becoming my normal un-famous self more and more every day.  I have to tell myself that all is okay.  These people really did not care about me anyway.  They just wanted free stuff from me and I gave out a LOT of free stuff over the years and free educational stuff.  I need those people who want to follow me for me to hang around.  I like those people.  If you are one of those people, hey, I like you!

I got a new laptop yesterday and spent many hours beginning to set it up and install programs.  I got one that the keyboard flips around so it is also a tablet.  I am going to sell my old iPad 2.  This will also replace my 9 year old laptop (yes, I did find the receipt to it about a month ago).  I am not sure how long it will hold up.  I still plan to use it on the patio from time to time to watch movies, but I just know the internet on it will not work much longer.  The switch on the side that turns on and off wi-fi has to be moved back and forth every time to get it to turn on.  I love that old laptop though.  It was used to record many of the digital scrapbooking tutorials and make many layouts.

I'm excited about being able to sit anywhere with this new laptop and take it places with me.  My 4 year old laptop that I am writing this blog post on is more like a desktop stuck in the bedroom plugged up to speakers and head phones and such.  I love the new laptop that is touch screen.  I am sure it will not take me long to get used to that!  Imagine, me sitting in my window seat in the living room working instead of my bedroom with little light.

Now, I have been saving for a new laptop for over a year.  Every time I sold something from the basement, I put the cash in an envelope.  I believe I had $650 to $750.  It was not quite enough to buy the laptop, but I have some things in the basement I can sell to pay it off.  So I also bought a food processor (still in the box) because I've wanted one for so long, with the laptop fund.  I went to pay for everything and I was $200 to $300 short of what I thought I had! 

This is a lesson.  Never let your hubby know where your laptop fund is because it will be siphoned off just like when you try to bake and save up Christmas cookies for gifts only to open the freezer to find they are mostly all eaten. Yeah, that happened one year a long time ago.  I had been baking for months and I had my plates all ready to go Christmas morning to put a wide variety of cookies onto the plates as gifts, only to open the freeze and hubby had eaten them all.  I must never learn my lesson well enough.

Well, whatever he was spending the money on slowly over the last year and a half, he is going to have to do without now.  (p.s. He said he didn't do it.)

Anyway, I really need time to do my genealogy and continuing organizing all this stuff I've been blessed with.  God does want me to take care of the things He puts into my care and show I am thankful.  I just cannot do it all!  So I am juggling my time now and I am trying to do a few digital Bible journaling layouts each week and then spend time with personal stuff.  Maybe some day I can make some new videos again, but I sacrificed my own personal to-do's for so many years that now I need to do this first before I get back to the other.  

These photos I have need to be marked with who is who before the people I have to ask who they are no longer are available to help.  I do not want to be in a position to regret it later.

I am hoping people understand.  If not, there is just not enough time in the day to waste worrying about it.


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