New Genealogy Webpage - My Great-Great Grandpa

I have been working over a week at creating a new biography page for James Bernard Rutledge.  He is my Great-great Grandpa. It is exciting to me to have a few photos of him.  Some day, I hope to travel to do more research on this family or to find more newspaper articles to share. Maybe I can even find more photos as I go through old photos.

James Bernard had two wives and many children. He lost a lot of children early as well. He lost his first wife in child birth.

In reading the census, it is quiet difficult to determine which children are born of which wife, his second wife being listed with his first wife's children.  In addition, until reading the obituaries, it would appear that one child belongs to his first wife because he is born before her death and his remarriage, only to realize James was fooling around and had a child by his second wife while he was still married to his first.  He then has two more children by his first wife. I can only imagine the complicated relationships.

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I have also made some new discoveries on the older generations while digging through information for James Bernard and I updated those pages slightly with some new notes.  For instance, I am struggling to find the George's family in the 1870's census and I realized that this is right after the civil war ended in 1865 and I wonder if the family was displaced.  Between 1860 and 1880, the family moved townships.  In addition, George's mother was living with him in 1860 and with his brother in 1880. It could be because of George's move.  I do want some day to dig into military records.  I did see a George Rutledge listed in the search results, but I did not have paid access as of yet to look further.

Since the last email, I have worked on other areas as well, but nothing that is posted to share.

I will begin working on the next generation down, James William. He is my Great-Grandpa. There are a lot of photos of him available and I will try to gather as many as I can.  Photos are fun.

Enjoy reading and I appreciate your interest in this work.


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