Yearning and Longing; Morning and Night

first posted 11/27/2015
As advent draws near, I am excited about sharing our month long advent devotions and free downloads with you.

We invite you to follow this blog and Tara's Doodle Through the Bible blog every day during advent.   This blog will have the devotions and Tara's blog will have the free coloring book and colored page downloads.

Read this blog post about purchasing the advent devotions as a book.  To keep with our goal of a "gift," proceeds of the book will be used for servant projects.  Remember, if you do not have a smart phone, you can still read Kindle books by using the desktop application or the browse Cloud Reader.

I invite you today to read an old blog post of mine about The Spirit of Santa Claus.

I love analogies and many of the advent devotions you will read are life experience analogies.  This writing from 2010 is an analogy on anticipation.  As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ and prepare for Christ to come again, we do so with anticipation.

After you read about the Spirit of Santa Claus, every time you see the anticipation of giving and receiving during this advent season, you may bring to mind the anticipation of Christ.

I choose the above Bible verse on the margin strip that goes with my story in that as I lay awake at night thinking I have heard Santa, I was "yearning in the night" and as I was waiting for the clock to tick tock while laying in the early morning under the Christmas tree, I was "longing."

May you yearn to celebrate the baby Jesus this season and long for Christ to come again as you prepare your heart this advent season.


anitab said…
Thank you - I like this!!
grambie said…
I am truly enjoying your enriching advent post. Thank you for the printable strip/bookmark. Blessings. Shirl
Hummie B said…
Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement.
Tammy said…
Looking forward to reading through this again with you! :D

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