All Saint's Day Bible Journal

(written 11/1/14)
I woke early today and since today is DSD (digital scrapbooking day) and I had recently came to the realization that I've never purchased many kits just for me and my own scrapbooking (mostly cu stuff in the past, especially recent years, or I've had no money-I think it's been a 1 1/2 since I bought anything), that I wanted to spend a little money this time around for just me.

Since I've been doing and loving the Bible Art Journaling, I wanted to get some new supplies for these layouts.

It took me a long time and I only cruised two stores!  Then I went on two hops for some freebies.

In between I was working on this page.  I decided what better way to combine the celebration of DSD and of All Saint's Day than to do a Bible journaling page about All Saint's Day verses.

It wasn't until I saw the girl in the kit that I came to the realization that this "race" we are running for the prize should be enjoyable.  We should keep a steady pace, but speed does not matter, and if we dance and frolic along the way, that's awesome!  Then I realized the girl was also looking up to the heavens while moving!  This went right along with the verse "looking to Jesus."

Ah!  Okay, I just had to have the kit to get the girl!  She was just a black shape, but I added layer styles so she matched the colors of the cloud for artsy coordination.

The credits are listed on Flickr, so you can click on the layout and it will take you to Flickr.

I wonder if people really read and think about my Bible journaling pages when they see them.  It sure does take me a long time to think up all the text as I am absorbed in just two verses of God's Word!  I don't think I will stop loving how this makes me feel spending time with God.

Any other time, I'd just read these verses and think, "oh, those are great, always loved those verses."  But to make myself sit and think up the text takes literally hours and then I get to decorate.  It's just a warm and cozy time with God.

Well, speaking of warm and cozy, it's cold outside, so I'm going after a nice warm bath to relax before I begin some chores.  I think the paint can is coming out today yet.


AnitaB said…
This is a beautiful page - what a wonderful way to absorb and share verses from God's Word!! In the past, I've found that writing a prayer to God was very meaningful for me; I'm seeing that doing this kind of art journaling for verses is something I want to try! Thank you for sharing it, Hummie.
AnitaB said…
Hmmm....not sure what happened to my 2nd comment, but at least there's now only one of my 1st comments; just wanted to say again - I love how this method makes one MEDITATE on God's Word - thank you again for sharing it!!!

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