Anxious or not?

As I read my own devotion what hits me is the word "prepare," although the main context is on "waiting."  It interesting how devotions can mean different things to different people at different times.

I love to prepare my home and change it up every month or so.  I have it set up with neutral colors so I can change out the throw blankets, pillows, curtain, rugs, and such as well as little things on the shelves to match the seasons or the holidays.  Of course, the red and green is prominent right now for Christmas.

In the verse shared in the devotion Jesus is preparing a room for me!  I bet it will be more spectacular than any I ever decorate and just perfect for me and I'm wondering what He's got in store for me!  Now doesn't that make you feel a little bit impatient in waiting to know?

Please pray with me.  Oh, Lord, in the morning You hear my voice, even as I speak it silently in my head.  I am waiting to enter the abundance of Your steadfast love.  You have prepared the place for me!  I wonder what it will be like.  The thought of leaving this earthly home is sometimes scary and I really do not want to be anxious in my heart, but more curious and patience seems easier with those thoughts. Am I wrong to not be anxious?  Thank You for understanding my heart and my confused feelings.  It's so awesome that I can be honest with You because I know You love me anyway.  Thank You for the opportunity to enjoy my own home and even though it is small, it is a place I can make it a home where I feel comfortable.  Again, as always, I ask You to bring to mind my sins as I sit in silence and empty my mind of my own thoughts and thank You in advance for forgiving me when I do not deserve it.  In Your name I pray.  Amen.

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(first posted 12/11/15)


peabea said…
I loved the waiting post with Tara's doodle and your post here. Especially, thank you for the prayer this morning. Needed to say that along with you. I too just enjoy being able to get up and enjoy the day now that we're retired. Finances are few as we didn't plan well, but I am thankful that somehow we usually have all that we need. Thanks for the hard work you and Tara have put into sharing this Advent Season. :)

Patricia or Peabea as I'm known around the virtual world. ~smiles~ from HCK

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