Big Bangs of Joy

(First posted 12/4/15)
Last night we had nothing on our calendar for the first time all week and my husband and I were so thankful for an evening at home.  We especially get this way when Winter sets in and the days are short and evening is dark.  We just want to hunker down at home and do nothing every once in a while.

As today's devotion says, "God is everywhere and his joy is there to be found," whether hunkering down at home or busy and moving in and out.  Mini adventures are everywhere.  Just move with trust like the Magi and you will find Jesus Christ.  God is omnipresent, that being present everywhere, and most especially in our hearts.

Here is Tara's doodle downloads.
Above is a margin strip I made with the verse in the devotional.
To get an advance copy of all the devotions and to read more about our challenge for you, see this post.

Please pray with me.  Great are you Lord, and greatly to be praised! Generation upon generation seek You and declare Your greatness.  You are so gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love! You are good to all and we praise You for that! Born a child and yet a king! Born to reign in us forever!  We seek You in our mini adventures in our daily life.  Grant us a full measure of trust like the magi in following You so that we may find You. Fulfill in us our anticipated big bangs of joy! We cling to Your forgiveness, Your goodness, and your Word. I pray these things in Your name, who lives and reigns forever and ever.  Amen.  

P.S.  I don't know about you, but that "look down and under" in the devotion has me wondering what is under my bed.  Giggle  Maybe I left myself something there that I forgot was there and it will bring me great joy today.


anitab said…
Thank you for the margin strip and the thoughts - and for the prayer! As I prayed that prayer with you, I kept hearing snatches of song, as the words brought them to my mind. And that is joy!

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