I hate this post, seeing it over and over on Facebook. There is no action behind the words. People lamely acknowledge which only serves to remind people of their pain, not help.

The people posting it are well intended and their prayer is will intended, but they are insensitive at the same time.  They are merely following what everyone else is doing.  They are merely copying and pasting text that hits their heart.  It is a feeble attempt to bring attention to a problem.  It is a week excuse to make no more attempts to reach out.  It is a poor way to make yourself feel good as if you've done something good.  It is an unconvincing message to those really in emotional pain who could use your real support.

The very words "we all need caring, loving thoughts right now" jerk the message into inadequacy.  Lonely people don't need your thoughts.  They need your company.  Hurting people don't need your indirect thoughts.  They need your hugs.  

Stop the insanity!  This internet world we live in is often used as a cop-out.  People evade the efforts to solve the real issue.  It is so easy to copy and paste, but how easy is it to make the effort to find someone who needs your presence and give them a little of your time?

I woke up this morning intending this topic to be a separate post as it has been rubbing me the wrong way since it first started showing up on my feed around Thanksgiving, but when I read today's devotion and realized the devotion topic is that we are not created to be alone, I once again realize how perfect God's timing.  What was on my heart when I woke up today directly correlates with the devotion of the day written weeks ago.  God is good and all His ways are perfect!

I do not intend to sound preachy.  I am venting.  On the other hand, if I do sound preachy, I am guilty of not walking the talk.

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Please pray with me.  Lord, I am sorry for being such a failure in sharing the love that You first gave to me with others.  I say "we are alone" for Christmas, although having a lot of family in life, but no one willing to have us in their Christmas Day as a great big family as are the values my grandparents taught me (family is important).  However, "we" is not being "alone."  "We" means more than one.  At least I have my husband to spend the day with me.  At least our son will visit for a few hours.  Yet still, the emotional pain of rejection that no family includes us three in a larger scale hurts deeply.  I want to exclaim that I have no family because family would not treat family like this!

I try hard to refocus from the "whoa is me" attitude and instead desire to reach out to others who may be lonely and invite them to our home, but I am not sure how to do it.  People who are alone, like us, keep their loneliness a secret. How do I know who is lonely and needs an invite? Neither do I want to feel like a 5th wheel at some other family's time together.  I know it is right that what lonely people really need most are other lonely people.  I want to put away all things hurtful and focus on all things beneficial to us.  Show me the way, Lord. I need Your guidance.

I just want to think on You on Christmas Day and get through the day. Please forgive me for copping out on taking more effort to connect with people and to hide my way through the day.  I know there are a lot of people the same way and I pray for them.  I pray that they know You and can rest in You.  

Lord, I know two people who are nearing to the day You call them home.  They are very very near while lingering this side of heaven.  How difficult it must be for their loved ones this Christmas.  I do not even know what to pray for them, but that You will lift them up and sustain them through this difficult time.  Thank You for my daily spiritual advent, since You are constantly on my mind, You hear me, You help me, You console me, and You forgive me as I prepare myself daily for your second coming.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

On the same page (I can only hope),

(first posted 12/23/15)


peabea said…
Oh your post hits home with me. First, I don't understand the copy and past for an hour posts on FB..any of them. Even the one wanting to know who reads their wall. I always think that if they're actually worried about anyone reading their wall, and it's bothersome...just either quit worrying about it and enjoy who does or unfriend some. But, I agree with this one of some are lonely, etc. I am coping with the fact that the past few years, my one son and his family choose to take my DIL's family on vacation during Christmas. Again this year. Wouldn't be so bad if after they get home, they would ask dad and I to come over, but they usually never do, but manage to always say they'll stop by. Well, I could go on and on, but I, like you, pray to God to help me not be jealous of their happiness while I'm excluded. Same with my sister her family. We no longer get invited to their get together Christmas Eve, but even though it does hurt, I don't really want to go because it actually doesn't celebrate Christmas but rather drinking, etc. and I don't live in that world anymore. Never did drink much anyway, but use to enjoy the party atmosphere, but have moved on from that, but we're excluded from their life totally anymore after an incident where they wronged us. Oh my, I could go on and on, but your post breaks my heart for you and family because I do know how you feel. God has convicted me of a lot of things this year, and looking at others and being jealous of their happiness is one of them, and he reminds me I need to look at, as you say and I like that, the WE that is in my life right now. Sorry to go on and on, and I need to get back to your Bible Digital page, but I haven't even felt very FB lately, but will be more active in 2016, and only pray that it keeps going and grows and blesses others as well as you, Hummie. You did so much work, and have made it nice this Christmas season. Thank you for your prayer...needed that today as we head to Christmas Eve and Christmas. It reminds me to look on the bright side and be thankful for those I do have in my life. :) Merry Christmas sweet lady to you and your family.
Hummie B said…
Oh my goodness! Thank you for blessing me with that comment reply. I was so hesitant after writing this post that it came off too negative and inappropriate at this time of year when everything is supposed to be "merry and bright." I did not even send it out via newsletter, thinking that God would have people find it if it needed to be read. I was too afraid to send it. I don't like drama and don't have intentions on initiating it at all.

Your reply was uplifting for me that you saw the positive in the post and took away the good for in your day today. That is my intention! Unfortunately, people often see only the negative.

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