Fitness Notes for this morning

Good morning fitness friends! Thought for today: Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels! I'm focusing today on remembering how good it feels when I weigh less in order to avoid eating all the holiday gifts in the break room!

It was another great workout at the Boot Camp Challenge last night.

Last night my son came over to eat dinner and my hubby and him ate while I was working out, so since I was alone for food, it sort of got skipped. Epic fail last night with the popcorn for dinner, which tends to happen a lot, even when not logging. After Boot Camp, I rushed home to spend time with my youngest son because time with my sons is important to me and then I went to do my second job (cleaning an office) really late. It totally messed with my plans for eating healthy, but the emotional health of seeing him was great and overriding any dis-benefit of not eating dinner right. Ah! Oh yeah! He is actually trying to eat 3,000 calories a day to gain weight and he has gone from 125 to 145 in recent months and I'm so proud of him. He actually has a chest now too from lifting some weights. It makes a mamma happy to see her son getting health again.

I've adopted stove-popped white popcorn as a healthy alternative for snacking in front of the t.v. because I like salty crunchy. Potato chips are my enemy! If there is a bag in the house, I eat the whole bag! So they just don't come in the house! My hubby can have all the ice cream and cookies he wants in the house and I won't be tempted in the least bit to eat them, but you put a bag of chips in the house, ouch! So popcorn is our healthy alternative that satisfies that need in me. My hubby makes it a lot for himself, so sometimes when I'm too tired to cook and it's too late to eat dinner, and I skip dinner, the snacking popcorn while watching t.v. tends to become my dinner. Sigh.

My goals right now are trying to eat three meals and more protein.

I read that sunflower kernels add protein so I added it to my oatmeal yesterday and it gave me 11 grams! I'm not sure if the kernels are healthy protein, but they are protein nonetheless!

Have a wonderful fabulous day! Thanks for your encouragement and accountability and I'll be making rounds as always to encourage back. Love the social encouragement on MFP!


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