Fitness Notes for Today

Hello fit friends. I can either do this or I don't! That is my focus for today.

I have grown a bit frustrated with my weight going back up this week and with my hubby sabotaging my diet. He denies that he is doing it, but his actions speak louder than words. I think he is denying it to himself. I sent him to the store to get some things because I was having a craving for potato soup (yeah, weird thing for me to crave, but it has lots of veggies in it) and he walks in the door with a bag of Cheetos. Now, I would never buy cheetos if I was going to indulge, but rather a bag of chips, but these are just like chips and immediately we begin eating the bag in the middle of the afternoon. Then I had no need for dinner. So what did I eat all day? A chicken salad wrap that was a gift from the boot camp instructor and Cheetos? Seriously?

I told hubby that I could be so skinny without him around. Yes, that was mean, but also so true.

Today is a new day! I am starting over today and my attitude is that I don't care what he eats! Here I was caring about what he ate and trying to fit me into meals together with him, but for this week, I have decided if he is going to be so unsupportive, I wasn't going to care about him. Well, for a week anyway.

I bought two glass storage containers yesterday so I can try meal prepping. I just do not like cooking in plastic. It is proven that if it gets too hot, even if it has that safe indication symbols on it, if it gets beyond a certain temp, it releases carcinogens. So I got two two cup glass ones for starters.

I did not sign up for the next boot camp, which was a back and forth struggle to make that decision. Therefore, I am on my own in being motivated to exercise. I have done it before and I can do it again! So I will need some support and encouragement from my friends.


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