Fitness Notes

Good morning Fit Friends! I am still logging and I'm ready to head out for boot camp this morning. I have managed to eat three meals a day with protein at each meal for the last two days (although I did break down and eat an unhealthy pretzel bun, but I have to allow myself some pleasures). I've been peeking at the scale and not really seeing a weight loss for this week --- yet, but Monday will tell, so I am motivating myself in the head to stay strong through the weekend! I have a meal prep class today too which I'm excited about. I haven't had wine in over two weeks! Yeah me!

I woke this morning to repost my advent devotions, as I have been doing every day, and today's was helpful to me for this CHANGE in diet and exercise and lifestyle and hopefully weight.

An excerpt: A curve in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn. The road keeps going on whether you make the turn or not. Don’t give up and quit trying to make those changes in course.

Read more here:

and prayer here:

I'm making that turn today! How about you?



Tammy said…
So happy for you on the CHANGE you are making. :)

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