Fitness Notes

Time to commit to myself!

I weigh .8 more this week than last Monday, and pounds more than last Tuesday, but I'm still down overall from 3 weeks ago.  I'm going to start weighing and inputting it daily. It has always helped me to do this, but I realize for some it is not a good thing.  It helps me to focus each morning to start the day.

I did not eat as well yesterday because that homemade potato soup I made was just too delish! Two bowls of soup and some cookies from our neighbor little lady friend did me in yesterday.  Plus we have lots of leftovers.  Determine to eat leftovers and do good on calories today.

Tonight after work I am committed to myself to do my own workout in the living room.  I MUST keep this going for myself.  I've done it before and I can do it again!


Tammy said…
Yes, you can do it!!

I'll be making potato soup on New Year's Eve. :)

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