I cracked eggs & cracked myself up!

I went to grab a hard boiled egg as I ran out the door and the whole carton fell to the floor! That's one way to crack eggs! A great way to get crack'n out the door! A great way to crack up the day! This fitness is the crack of a new dawn in my life! There is a crack in my bad habits, that's how the light gets in! My fitness friends think I'm a good egg, even though I'm slightly cracked! The glass is always half empty -- when cracked! The lesson: don't look at life through a cracked glass! Being fat isn't all that it is cracked up to be! Loosing a pound a week is a hard nut to crack! Get to crack'n out those calories! Sometimes I crack myself up! Silly me! Hope it made you smile!

Soooooooo, I was peeling my egg in the break room and discussing with two co-workers my goal to eat more to loose weight and they were literally LAUGHING at me! They have no idea how that felt for them to laugh at me. I don't need that kind of unspoken ridicule in my day. Are people that blind that they cannot accept others and support them? They totally did not believe that I have a problem eating enough food. People look at how fat I am and cannot see how I could eat so little. They don't believe me which is the same as calling me dishonest. I don't appreciate my character being attacked. Their brains are turned off to this reality for so many people. Why is it so hard to believe that the lack of eating slows a metabolism down so much that a person actually gains weight? Really feeling judged today and I do not handle it well when I worry about what people think of me. But I am NOT going to let it cause me to eat wrong today either! Rant over.


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