Mary's Mama

Mary's Mama
By: Rebecca F. King

I'm pretty sure Mary had a mama.
Don't you think so?
They never talk about her mama.
There's lots of talk about Mary, of course,
and some about her husband -
you know, Joseph -
the carpenter -
although he seems to have disappeared
after Jesus became a teenager -
and just when a boy needs his father the most!
and naturally, everybody talks about Jesus.

But what about Mary's mama?

Mary had to come from somewhere -
she must have had some mama of her own -
someone who held her
someone who rocked her
someone who loved her.

If Mary was, indeed,
this gentle saint,
this mother who loved her son
who raised him to be a good boy
to honor his parents
to learn his lessons
to love God
well, if this was Mary,
how did she learn it all
if she didn't have a mama to teach her?

Now, you know, as well as I,
that Mary had a mama.

I've been thinking about Mary's mama.
What kind of person was she,
to give birth to the one who
would be the mother of Jesus?
What kind of mother was she,

to raise the one who
would raise Jesus?

What I mostly wonder, though,
is how she must have responded
when Mary -
barely teenager Mary -
told her THE NEWS.

"Yes, Mary?"
"Uh, Mama?"
"Yes, Mary, what is it?"
"Um, well, um, it's like this . . ."
"Like what, Mary?"
"Well, you know, um, you see . . ."

"Come on, child, out with it.
What could possibly be so hard to tell me?"

"Well, Mama . . ."

"Mama, I'm . . . pregnant."
"Pregnant? Mary? How . . .
When . . .
Who . . .
What on earth?!"

"Well, Mama, actually, it's not on earth.
It's in heaven.

Well, from heaven, I guess."
"But Mary, how can this be?"

"Promise you won't get upset?"

"Child, I can hardly promise that
at a time like this
but tell me,
and I promise I'll listen."

And I think,
after Mary told her mama
all about the angel
and the Holy Spirit
and this baby from God

and after her mama worried
about Joseph
and whether they could manage
and what would the neighbors think
after that,
they sat there,
Mary and her mama,
and they hugged each other
and they laughed
and they cried
tears of fear
but also tears of joy
because after all,

Mary was going to be a mama,
and Mary's mama
was going to be a grandma!

And if Mary is the Mother of God,
as some believe,
doesn't that make her mama
God's grandmother?


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