My yesterday -- beginning week 2 of diet

Good morning diet buddies! Today is a new day! Let's commit to be fit! Say that 15 times this morning as you shower. I am! Ah!

I ate 808 calories yesterday (it won't let me post to wall under 1,000, so go to my profile if you want to see my bad eating lol).

I had an epic fail yesterday trying to eat three meals. After breakfast I was too full for lunch and then I was so busy sewing Christmas gifts I did not think about food. Then we went dog food and people food shopping and it was 8 p.m. by the time we got home and 8:30 by the time it was unloaded. BUT, I did force myself to stand on my hurting feet and make something semi-healthy. I added the noodles and sauce to get in the carbs for my meal (and it's what hubby had for his dinner only a larger amount), but I would have been content with 6 oz of steamed broccoli and ground chicken.

SO happy that Christmas gifts are done and ready for mailing today. Got that to-do behind me! Next to-do is setting up annual dog Christmas photo shoot. I'm trying to top last years. Not sure I can pull that off.

I am still full this morning and do not feel like eating, but I have bananas in stock now for grab and go and I'm going to hard boil some eggs for grab and go. Plus, I'm going to put a roast in the crockpot so after my long day of work, then boot camp challenge, then 2nd job, I'll have some food waiting on me with lots of protein!

I pulled a muscle in my stomach on Saturday's workout. I'm a little worried about failing tonight, but I'll give it my all!

Off to get on the scale after one week at this! Happy Monday all!


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