Rutledge Genealogy Update

Hi family!

I wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update.

Throughout the holidays, I have been working on and off on creating a new page for my Great-Grandather, James William Rutledge. (Click to see James William & Rubina's page). It is far from done as we are blessed with much information.

Apparently Rubina loved to report to the newspaper every time she visited family or family visited them, so last night I began a search to thoroughly find all of these articles to somehow share them, when I discovered a new obituary for James William's Dad, James Bernard.

I am excited about this new piece of history and thought I would write to you to share. Click here to see it on James Bernard's page. The obituary reveals where James Bernard worked, that being in the mines in Desloge, which is where his son, James William, also worked for a period of time. Desloge mine closed down for 2 hours for James Bernard's funeral because he was so well respected.

In recent weeks, on other lines, I have been making some amazing progress and finds, such as all the way back to the revolutionary war. However, it will take time to verify the information by creating pages and analyzing, such as I am doing with these pages I link today. So I continue to collect information on other lines while I take considerable time organizing information on just one person.

Eventually, I will be adding photos to James William's page, of which there are many. I need to contemplate the best way to add them without over cluttering the page.

Until next time,



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