Store Closing (or opening) Digital Scrapbooking Decline

We have had a thread in the forum for a long time now to share when another digital scrapbooking site closes.  Since we are moving the chatter to the blog, we can use this blog post to share whenever a store is closing or opening.  Just leave a comment.  I will re-post to alert readers.

Closed Digital Scrapbooking Sites:
5.15.2012 Digiscrap Warehouse (DSW)
5.25.2012 Atomic Cupcake (AC)
10.15.2012 ZigZag Scraps
10.15.2012 Funky Playground Designs (FPD)
11.1.2012 After 5 Designs (A5D)
11.2.2012 Scrapstreet Magazine
11.30.2012 National Designs in Scrapbooking (NISD) (ASDR will be missed)
11.30.2012 Digital Scrapbooking Den
12.17.2012 Scrappity-Do-Dah
12.17.2012 Digital Scrapn Designs
12.30.2012 Christine
12.31.2012 Scrapflower (but reopened, purchased)
2.15.2013 One Story Down (lost database, but re-opened)
2.28.2013 Divine Digitals (DD)
3.10.2013 Two Peas (digital only)
3.17.2013 Log Your Memory
3.29.2013 BrownScraps
5.3.2013 Faithsister (sabbatical; opened store 3 days in May)
5.29.2013 Scrapflower (again, owner of Mscraps owned both)
6.30.2013 Design House Digital
6.30.2013 Happy to Create
6.30.2013 Digital Scrapbooking Artisan Guild
8.30.2013 Moo Too Designs
9.10.2013 Scrapable
10.1.2013 Stuff to Scrap
11.8.2103 3Scrapateers (bought by MyMemories years ago)
12.2.2013 ScrapMatters
12.14.2013 Digiscrap Forum
12.15.2013 Scrap Wishes
3.21.2014 DigiscrapAddicts
4.9.2014  One Story Down
4.4.2014  The DigiShow (last episode)
4.21.2014 Digital-Crea (bought and still open)
5.6.2014 Michelle Bratton (
5.23.2014 Scrap Art Studio
5.23.2014 Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP) (bought by MyMemories 4.30.2014)
5.27.2014 Digiscrappers Brasil
7.4.2014 Two Peas (paper products)
7.20.2014 Heritage Scraps
7.31.2014 Blushbutter
9.12.2014 Digitals (digital scrapbook pages)
12.9.2015 My Scrapbook Art
12.9.2015 Real Life Scrapped
1.12.2015 Scrapbook-Elements
3.15.2015 Scrap Takeout
3.31.2015 Digital Scrapbook Experts
3.31.2015 Scrapbook Bytes (the first digital scrapbooking store!)
11/16/2015 MScraps
12/31/2015 Scrap Orchard
06/01/2016 (opened 12/3/12 with designers from Gingerscraps)
12/31/2016 GottaPixels

For the record, new sites:
5.16.2012 Professional Scrap Designs
3.1.2013  Scrapping Bee
4.30.2013 The Creative Pixel (designers from DSP)
5.18.2013 Smashing Scraps (by Royanna of DD)
10.1.2014 Scrapseeds (CU designers from Scrapable)
11.12.2014 The Digital Press (designers from Pixel & Company)

old note from me when this list was original posted:

It has been an illuminating view of the deterioration of the digital scrapbooking world. I remember in 2006, 2007, and 2008 how the digital scrapbooking world exploded and there were more new sites popping up than we could keep track of. Everyone thought they could make some extra money. At one time my list was over 200!  Since 2011, the decline has been steady. It is actually rather sad. Here is a list from our forum thread.  Of course, there were many more, but these are only the ones people noted in the forum.

Just a note from me.  I have been really struggling with Hummie's World too.  At the peak of the digital scrapbooking world activity, it was awesome.  At that time, I continued to make changes to the site to keep up with the growth that I could not keep up with on the site. It was all consuming! Now in the recent year and a half, I have had to continue to downsize to meet the decline.  I am happy using Flickr for our layouts and Etsy for my products.  Those were good choices to downsize.  I am determined to stay around as I love this hobby very much.  

I feel the decline has happened in the digiworld for several reasons.  First, natural supply and demand.  There were just too many stores and not all of them could be sustained.  Second, the initial excitement about the hobby has drained and people are always wanting something new.  Third, social networking has exploded and people no longer need to use forums to fulfill social needs.   Fourth, everyone wants something for free if they can get it for free and there are certainly enough free options for education and products to keep people from spending their money to support this hobby and the cost of running sites.

Things change.  We adapt.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Hummie's World financially and continue to do so on a voluntary basis.  I appreciate you more than you know!


Not sure where you got your information fro but Professional Scrap Designs OPENEED on 5.16.2012 NOT closed. IT is open and still very much alive. Please remove it from your list of closed stores.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for letting me know the error. I moved it to the stores opened list.
Thank you very much! Our designers and we are very grateful!
Hummie B said…
I updated the list from the forum posts and added a new one to the list.

I cannot remember where the designers from Scrap Takeout were selling before their store opened.
Bev said…
Creative Memories had their own software and art content for many years prior to their closing on 12/31/2013. The creators of the software (Panstoria) opened their own site on 1/1/2014. They have all of the CM content and many designers adding new content. Content only works with their software. However there are many customers out there.
I am at they opened about 1 year ago.... :)
Miriana said…
Hi everyone. I opened in 2014 and later in the year Just thought I would help update your list and of course let everyone know we are on the planet still, lol. Not to say it isnt a struggle. It is. Yes, we need to evolve. Still thinking about how :)
Maggie Adair said…
I hear Digital Scrapbook Experts is also closed now - from end Feb
Hummie B said…
I hadn't heard that about DSE, Maggie. Was it in an email? Their blog has not been updated since September, so it seems true. I had forgotten about them, but they had been around a while.

Lori, I'll add Scrapping Bee.

Bev, I'll add Raining Digital to my resource page listing, but not this list because it is just a store, no forum/gallery.
anitab said…
I don't know how you would categorize this: Faith-Sisters has been on a 'Sabbatical' for about 3 years, I believe; but I see that in May 2013 the opened their store for 3 days. I still have layouts in the gallery there...and people are still uploading layouts there.
Maggie Adair said…
I got an email from DSE, Hummie. Sorry it's end of March they are closing not end Feb
Scrapbook Bytes is closing.... :( end of March....
Hummie B said…
Whattttttttttttttt! Amy can't do that! That is the first digisite! The first digisite is closing? Noooooooooooooo! I should have made time to get over there. I failed SBB!
It had been going downhill for about 1 year.... They did some changes and people did not like it.... I think that is what did them in....
Hummie B said…
People do not like change in general. I witness it time and again at my own site and other sites. Embrace change! It's going to happen! There, that's my plea. lol
Hummie B said…
Digiscrap Champs by Word Art World is opening.

Welcome to our exciting competition!
Participants will have the chance at winning cash and becoming recognized as one of the worlds best layout artists and digital art designers!

all participants will receive an exclusive digital art Mega kit created by word art world!
new competition/new kits every quarter!
Hummie B said…
From MScraps newsletter:
Sadly, we've decided that the time has come for Mscraps to close its doors.
We will continue to go on as usual (new releases, wonderful wednesday, iDSD Party, etc.)
until we close our doors on Nov. 16th. (we will remain open through November 15th)
A special thank you goes out to all of YOU for your continuous support :)
Thanks for 6 fantastic years!
Dawn said…
Oh wow!!!
I thought when I saw the email - you have the wrong info - Chelle is retiring.... then I saw the post about Scrap Orchard closing.... another one of the big stores closing its doors.... so, so sad.... :(
Faith Sisters is back... we are having a Grand ReOpening July 1st!!! We are starting up challenges this month as well.... please check up out! :)
I did check them out months ago when it was announced they were reopening. I even wrote offering to help with challenges. I got a reply email months later with a cold shoulder. I'm not interested, personally. I don't go where I am not welcome.
Do you have a list of opened stores? Also Faith Sisters is NOT closed. We have been open for about a year now.... :)
10-31-2016 Digital Scrap Designs closed [just a couple months shy of being open 10 years]

01-2015 opened

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