Today's Fitness Notes

Sigh. My weight is up a few pounds today, so Monday's weight was a fluke I guess. I know better than to let that demotivate me. This weight loss takes time. Weighing daily actually helps me because it puts my mind in focus to start the day and actually works for me.

I did eat some potatoes on Tuesday night and those things I've learned seem to just sit in my gut and take at least 4 days to move through. For as much as I love potatoes, I do not like to eat them when dieting.

Then it was the Survivor finale last night and hubby wanted his own big full-of calories pizza while we watched, so he made me the more healthy one and set it in front of me and said "you don't have to eat it all." Yeah. Right. Food in front of me while the t.v.'s on? He is never good for my diet. Still even at the 700 calories of pizza, it kept my calories for the day right on target, so I did not feel so bad. Then of course what would a Survivor finale be without popcorn? We do eat it healthy, white and popped on the stove, but I was still on my calorie target. It's just that all this food is now in my gut and it doesn't feel good.

To top off all that, there is the office Christmas party tonight with lots of delicious catered food and they usually have wine as well. Every time I drink wine, I gain a pound or two and then three days after I don't drink it, I loose a pound or two. Crazy. But I haven't had wine in about 3 weeks and I'm afraid I'm just going to blow it tonight with food and wine. That won't be good to show any progress at the boot camp challenge weigh-in on Saturday.

These are the days I tell myself in my head I'm allowed a break and to hop back on the bandwagon next week. We'll see where my mind and self-motivation go as the day goes on.


such a hard time to be doing this.... just keep on doing the good work. I am glad you are eating the calories you need. Are you taking anything tonight? How about some fresh vegs - eat at least 1 small handful of veg's for every other kind of snacky food you eat...???
Tammy said…
Be kind to yourself. It is the holiday season and it won't last forever. Enjoy, also.

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