What is Computational Photography? | Google Photo Scan App

Google as a new app and I could have used this just last weekend! We were at a 90th birthday party where they laid out a lot of photos we had never seen and we were all snapping photos of photos. However, the glare from the lights was a problem.  Apparently, they have figured out an algorithm to remove the glare.

I am not sure I want to use this app for all my photos.  I like to scan them in at 600 px and I know that even though I have an iPhone 7 plus with a fabulous camera, it is still not as good as my dSLR camera or scanner.  I've compared the photos personally.

Still yet, there are a lot of times I try to take a photo of something and have glare problems and so I am excited to test out this app for those uses.  There is a time and place for everything.


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