What protein can I eat for breakfast?

Good morning all! Let's do this! Today is a new day! Eat well, soak in the little joys along the way, and move your body! How does your week look?

For me, I happy that this week looks a little more normal than last week and I crave stability. I have time today to go to the grocery store to stock up on some foods to help me eat better this week (my cupboards were bare last week). Last week I had 3 THREE potlucks on the calendar and an office meeting with pizza! Not a good week to start this thing, but I held through the best I could. Looking forward to a more normal week this week.

But I DID eat three meals yesterday. HoooRah! I thought I'd been to a smorgasboard. Then hubby got out popcorn, which is my go-to healthy snack watching t.v. and at first I said "no" but then I watched him eat a bowl and it called to me, so I had a bowl even though I was full. Still did not make it to 1,000 calories, but close.

My goal right now is to actually eat breakfast and to get 22 grams of protein per meal. What proteins can I eat for breakfast? Any ideas? The egg I ate yesterday was only 6 grams. I have confirmed from past dieting years ago that protein does indeed help me loose weight, so this suggestion by my boot camp leader Tamatha is one I want to adopt as my own. I just have to figure out how to do it.

Oh, and my other goal right now is to re-train hubby. He does not eat right and although tries to be helpful, often is not. Like yesterday when I told him I was going to make and egg he offered to make it! Yeah! I told him I would be to the kitchen to make something to go with it and he walks into the bedroom with a smile on his face and a small plate with an egg on it. And then the day I ate nothing all day he offers to help as I prop up my feet that were hurting and he brings me a stick of bread! Okay, it was yummy, but not healthy.

Last night he stayed up late (never happens) and this morning I found out why . . . he snuck and finished off a tub of ice cream and he inadvertently left the empty container in the living room. So cute.

Have a good day and I look forward to hearing about your goals.


Marlene said…
I have been having similar issues, especially since by body doesn't tolerate eggs or dairy anymore, (or bacon or sausage, but, hey, shouldn't eat those anyway, right?) I've been putting some hemp hearts in my smoothies, they pack a protein punch! (10g per serving)
Thanks for the suggestion! What a sweet surprise to see your comment. I have never heard of hemp hearts. I had to google it.

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