Why am I so self-sufficient?

(first posted 12/3/15)

The day last January when I made my Digital Bible Journaling layout for this verse (Vulnerability Bible Journaling), was the day that gave me a new phrase that now sticks in my head. I thought to myself, "what is the opposite of sufficient?" Out came the answer, "Why do I have to be so self-sufficient." I finally understood this verse!

Wow! That is so powerful for me! In so many ways I am a very independent type of person and I forget that God is sufficient for me.

I have a tenancy to "vent" when I am upset with someone, not to gossip, but just to say it to get it out of my system so I can quickly move on. Shouldn't I be venting to God first? He should be sufficient for me to vent to and move on.

Sometimes I have trouble making a decision and finding the answer and have a need to discuss with others. Shouldn't I be discussing it with God first? He should be sufficient for me to gain wisdom and understanding to make decisions.

Why do I think I have to use my own will-power to loose weight? Or do anything? He is sufficient!

Of course, yes, God uses people to help me too and accepting that help is good and perfect, but I feel I should be able to turn to Him first and then look to others to see if they are God's answers to prayers.

This is that devotion that is REALLY sensitive for me and I've cried my heart out for a month the end of October and the beginning of November of Abigail's one year anniversary. My blog readers may be getting tired of reading about it, but I still feel God tugging me saying, "this is good and needs to be shared!"

Here is the devotion, along with links to other blog posts to read. The devotion is short, but you could spend a long time reading if you wanted to.

Here is Tara's free download (please leave a word of thanks to her for blessing us so much!)

Above is a margin strip I made with the verse in the devotional.

To get an advance copy of all the devotions and to read more about our challenge for you, see this post.

Please pray with me. O Lord, I praise You for your completeness. I praise You for your sufficiency that holds me up when I am weak. I call to You and You have saved me from my sins. Morning, noon, and evening I utter my complaints to You and You listen and hear! Praise You for that! Thank You for loving me! I cast my burdens on You and You and only You sustain me! Help me to stand firm against every assault of the evil one, especially every time I begin to think I am self-sufficient and forget that You are sufficient in my weakness. You do it all! You, O Lord, are all I need! I pray in Your Holy name. Amen.


NancyP said…
It's morning, and I am ready to tackle the day on my own as I always do!!! Thank you for reminding me Who is willing and ready to tackle it for me!!! Always thinking of you, my friend!
Tara D said…
Thank you! I will be downloading this later :) (HUGS) :)
Hummie B said…
Nancy! Sweet surprise to see you!
Tara, thanks as always!
Wonderful insight. It made me laugh with the joy of it. Thanks for sharing this, Hummie.
anitab said…
Thank you so much for this beautiful bookmark! I can see this as a theme for a Ladies' Retreat. What a wonderful reminder that we need to turn to God first, before talking to others. I really needed that reminder! And I'll probably need it again, so a printable like this is perfect!

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