A Must-Read Turn of the Century Story (maybe in my genealogy line)

YOU DECIDE! Ah! This is the story which I mentioned a few days ago which I discovered while working on genealogy. Set aside some time to read it, especially if you like reading a great story written in the the early 1900 descriptive prose. BE SURE to click the links to read the larger newspaper articles as they are not all embedded on the page.

Rubina is my Great-Grandma and her mother is, of course, my Great-Great Grandma.  This character would be Rubina's brother, my Great-Great Unce.

Read the story here.

Let me know if you catch anything I did not in this synopsis:

The story includes twists from second degree murder as a youth, first degree murder of a conductor, a hotel robbery, a clerk of the hotel who at gunpoint while refusing to open with combination drew his own weapon chasing the robbers to the street, an accomplice was killed in a high speed buggy chase across downtown St. Louis, a police officer was shot, a miraculous recovery from a fatal wound, a "negro" honored for shooting the robbers, a mother and "pretty" sister to become imprisoned for harboring thieves and possession of stolen goods, mug shots being used to identify previous crimes, a releasing from prison only to be arrested again walking away from the prison, pepper spray being used to attempt escape only to be caught by a dog named Spot, a convict escaping naked using his underwear, bed clothes, a saw, and more, to escape and paddling across the Mississippi River, and disappearing forever. I suppose there is a black sheep in every family!


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