During the coming year . . .

During the coming year I will go nowhere I can't take Jesus Christ.
I will say nothing I would not want Him to hear.
I will do nothing I would not want Him to know about.
I will be the best example to others that I possibly can, for His sake.

Author Unknown


Bernie said…
LOVED this quote...not a bad standard to live by!!
Bernie x
jayleigh3 said…
My dad used to remind us of this each new year. Thank you for the reminder.
Barbara said…
Wow, love it. May I blorrow it for my blog(s)?? Thanks. Nice hearing from you on my DigiScrap layouts page. I am planning to redo soon. I am entering a new digiscrap chapter, going more altered art, artistic. Learning so I can go 3d someday. :) Thanks for your encouragement. You are a gem!

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