Photography Challenges & My Favorite Color Photo

We have decided to follow two photography challenges this year and hope that you join us.  For those on Facebook, you may post your photos in our Facebook group. For those who do Flickr, you may post them into our Flickr group. If you do both, feel free to post into both as well.

These challenges are actually Instagram challenges, so if you do Instagram, please share there as well, but if you are not on Instagram, us choosing to do these challenges allows you a place to do them.  Isn't that awesome? (my Instagram)

First, I have been doing thebethadilly challenge in 2016 and this year she is moving to a weekly challenge.  Read more about it and see the prompts here.

Second, for those who want a daily challenge, we are doing the Fat Mum Slim challenge.

I try to do them as I have time and am not hard on myself when I do not get to them.  That is how I did it in 2016 and for the time I did have to do photography and share, I really enjoyed the time I gave to myself. This is how I encourage you to take on these challenges.

Below is my first of the year!  Whoo hoooo!

Prompt {my fav color} is currently #teal.
January 1, 2016 Prompt {my fav color} is currently #teal. Sometime green, sometimes blue, sometimes in between. No snow here yet, so I have my own #snow #fmspad #fms_favcolour

This is my before photo. It took a LOT to make this transformation. If I can do this, you can too! Take a stab at learning and just do it! When I lightened the photo, it took away the color and then highlighted these brown spots all over the snowflake. I had to mask out the snowflake to use the hue/saturation to get rid of the brown spots on the snowflake. then I had a hard time restoring the color. Of course, I did one run of sharpening. We all love to learn in this group, so I am sharing the before to encourage you!


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