WomensMarch Does Not Represent Me

Just sayin' this #womensmarch does not represent me. All is see and hear is division. I do NOT stand for the Divided States of America. I stand for the UNITED States of America.

If every one of these millions of people would take the effort and time to get up, travel, and gather to actually help people, what a REAL difference they could make. Can you imagine this same energy and effort applied in the right direction? What an impact we Americans could have!

All I hear are prideful people standing up pointing out differences. It is quite contrary to the purpose of inclusion. We should NOT see differences. Looking past differences is what brings about inclusion. The rest of the world is watching us and seeing the division. We are never strong when we are divided. We are stronger united.


Bernie said…
I think what you see and what you hear, unless you're actually part of a march, is what the mainstream media want you to see! Of course there is a message to be told about inequality around the world though - more people need to think about this kind of thing. Too many, as the vast majority of us I would think, get bogged down in day to day life and all that that throws at us and it's too easy to think about women's rights, human rights, all around the world!

We (some of us - not me lol!) rave over satellites going into space; the fact that men can live in space now even, yet say nothing about the fact that there are humans on this planet that are not even fed, watered and sheltered. No clean water - yet man can live in space!?!

I've been reading reports from people who were there on marches in London and Manchester here (there were no doubt others but the reports I've seen, they were there) and the marches were overwhelmingly a positive thing, warmth, compassion, uniting with people abroad and at home who suffer in so many ways. I think these marches are just the start.

And who's to say that these people didn't go tend to a sick friend or relative before setting out, and didn't go home afterwards and do the same, or take food to a homeless person, or an other act of charity and goodness that might appeal?! Who's to say some of the marchers don't spend every day of their lives caring for others and have taken this one day to do something they truly believe in...simply to show, in a way they can, just for once, that they care about the wider community and do not forget.

I choose to believe those who were actually there and engaged, rather than reporters on the peripheries who are told what to say and what slant to give their 'news' and who work for businessmen who want the public to believe what will keep them safe in power...the media has so much power because people believe what they read in the papers and what they see on TV unquestioningly.

End of day, I don't think those originally coming up with the idea of marches and making it happen, and those attending, had any evil in their hearts and minds. I think it came from a good place and even if the coming together of millions around the world, all caring and thinking about the same things is all that was achieved, then isn't that enough for now? It's never been done before! It's a start! If we criticise the attempts to do good and bring people across the globe closer, how will good ever triumph?! How will good overcome evil? How will smaller good acts ever be acknowledged more than bad acts? Just watch your news channels - how many good acts, how much good news do you see? And how much bad and evil? That needs changing.

I would say that these marches are just a first step, and if it gets a huge number of people around the globe thinking about others and supporting others in any way they can, it's a good thing, surely? xx

You exhaust me when you go on and on.

Why is it so hard to understand that the march does not represent me, but I still believe in equality for women around the world?

Why have you taken my one comment, with two very positive paragraphs, and turned it into something it is not? You are so bothers that I say the march does not represent me that you provoke me into conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. You are so worked up about this comment that you end up leaving our long, long friendship over it. I think that is a bit ridiculous for you to throw away a friendship over this post of mine.

I have seen many things on social media that I do not agree with and I just scroll on by and do not pick a controversial discussion about it. That is what most people I know do. I have cousins who are posting different than me, but we do not get into arguments or get worked up about it.

I pray for peace for you. I pray that you are able to stop getting worked up about everything others say, adding to it what is not there, causing yourself stress and strife. You seem a very unhappy person, always complaining about your church, your school, your community, your husband's employer. I wish for you to focus on the good things in life and the things that matter, being our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ, where ultimate peace is found.

If you ever want to join me again as an online friend, I am here. All you have to do is come back. You threw me away. You blocked me on social media over this. It baffles me the drama over this you created and then caused this sort of reaction over. You created it and you ran from it. I guess our friendship over all these years was meaningless to you for you to get so upset to throw it away so easily. I pray that you are able to grow and learn from your actions in this and know that I am not holding any ill will toward you. My God forgives me and I forgive those who trespass against me, including you.

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