Digital Bible Jouraling 1 John 4:7 (Love)

First posted 2/14/16
This month our theme in the Digital and Hybrid Bible journaling group is "Love" and I had not made anything to contribute as a download yet.  I started with a few ideas a few days ago and I am a little apprehensive because my last designing experience made me want to stop designing all together.  After completing this layout, I feel much better! I am satisfied with it.

When I design with an intended purpose for my own layout or page, I tend to design better.  Everything on this page will be in the download, but I have several other pages in the works too (partly done), so I need to finish those.  Plus, hubby drew a few things by hand that I have scanned that I will extract and put color too.

I'm not sure how I will share the downloads.  Part of me likes it so much I want to package it an put it in the store. Part of me says "don't make money off of what you do for Christ."  Besides, I do have other ideas for things for the store down another avenue.  I might be able to use these products for that (but not you because I will give this for your personal use only.)

Besides, I don't have papers done and I'm not sure I feel like making any.  Bernie does such a great work in sharing amazing papers that I think we make a great team.  Tara makes the most amazing doodles and I cannot wait to use what she shared in the group.

Should I be doing other things?  I've worked on these things to give away and to create with for at least 8 hours already.  Sure, probably.  But spending time in God's Word and creating for Him is never a bad way to spend time either.

I'm so anxious to finish so I can share to see what everyone does with it. I've thought about breaking it up into several shares.  Time will tell.

I really wanted to do more of a Digital Bible Journaling with this page with more notes, but it started with the graphic.  So I am just going to do that and add more of my thoughts for this verse with the graphic in my OneNotes.

Goodness!  Thank You, Lord, for this great feeling of being creative today. Thanks for your gift of time (being snowed in) and Your beautiful words of the command to love because You first loved us. I really needed this time to decompress after the rough week I've had. Thank You for allowing me to share Your love with everyone else.  Amen.

What a great way to spend a Valentine's Day with THE LOVE source!  Hubby is doing a project we started a year ago scanning, so it is great we are in the same room together and I don't feel pressured to hurry up to go spend time with him.  So what he is doing makes me feel productive and what I did feels productive and it all makes for a great day for me.  I have to do my valentine prayer yet (he did one yesterday while I shopped and took the girls to the vet) and we want to make a nice dinner together at the table.


Tara D said…
What a fun beautiful page! Maybe offer just a couple of elements for free for the challenge and put the rest in your store, or offer it free for a period of time and then in your store. You have such a giving heart and I think there is a way for you to embrace that while still updating your store as well :)
Bernie said…
quite agree with Tara! Nothing wrong with putting items in your store! Just look at it as blessing others who might not otherwise see it!
Love this page! And love your post as well! It really shines through both that you were in the presence of the Lord and so inspired! Love to you and hubby!! xx
Tammy said…
Very cool layout. :)

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