Digital Bible Journaling - 1 John 4:19 We Love because . . .

Our Facebook group's challenge for this week is this verse, so I am re-sharing this.  What a great thing to share for Valentine's Day.

Written 2/18/16
The tree and hearts where inspired by something I saw online (I don't know where). I traced the tree using my wacom tablet and then I created the text to go within the tree.  I created the hearts too.

The background I created from two of Bernie's papers (masking them together so I had green grass and a blue sky).  The adorable bird on a branch doodle is from Tara at Doodle Through the Bible.  The stream was extracted from one of Tara's doodle (somewhere in Numbers) and it had three parts to it, but after much recoloring and flipping and moving about, I eliminated all but one part of the stream.  When I was studying the verse and reading commentaries the words "my love streams from God's love" jumped out at me and I knew I had to find a stream to add to the page.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. God is good! He makes it all work together in ways I never would imagine when I first start moving my mouse in Photoshop. Whoo hooo! I haven't had time in a while and I so enjoy this activity. It will look great in my OneNotes and printed as a tip-in in the journaling Bible.


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