Flat Lay Photography (Pinterest Board)

I found a new word!  I have been attracted to this type of photography and even been doing it myself for a while now, but now I know it has a word!  It is called Flat Lay photography.  I have seen it as one word also, "flatlay."  I love the hashtag for it too! I may just be finding some new accounts to follow now to fill my social media streams with this type of photography I love!

I love how I can use my digital scrapbooking stash to print things out to make my own flat lays creative.  I also love the doodles that people incorporate into their flatlays, as well as all the flowers and cool vintage stuff. Oh, and the creative backgrounds for them.  I have some months ago pulled together some boards I use for mine, but now I want to find more options for my work.

I created a new Pinterest board for Still Life and Flat Lays to pin things that inspire me so I can get creative and make my own!  I invite you to follow my board.


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