Genealogy Updates from Recent Weeks

It has been a while since I have sent out an update on what I have been doing with my time regarding genealogy.  I have not actually made as much progress as I would have liked to over recent weeks, but I thought I would share what I have been able to do.


James and Rubina were grandparents 3 times in one week and I thought this deserved a page of its own.  I did create the page and add some images to it, but I have a lot of photos I want to add to the page as I have time to find them.  I will eventually add a slider image to the top of the page, as you will read about below. This is just the beginning of this new page. Click here to see the page. It is also linked from Jimmy & Rubina's page. (my Dad always called his grandpa "Jimmy" when he spoke to me about him, distinguishing between the many James Rutledges in our family.)


I did spend an entire weekend testing different coding to include images on the genealogy pages.  I have been working on James W. & Rubina Rutledge's page and I actually have a lot of images to collect to add to the page.

I tried one coding and had it working, only to see it did not do well with mobile devices. It took me a long time to learn the coding and set it up, only to find out I did not like it. It was frustrating to start over and to have wasted time, but I did not give up.

I decided on another coding option to learn and installed it and decided this is what I will utilize for now.  It looks good on the mobile devices as well, but my only concern is whether or not all the images try to load when the page is loaded initially, making it take a while.  I will not know if that is a problem until I try to add more images.

You can see the slider of images at the top of James W. & Rubina Rutledge's page.  I hope to find time to add more images soon, although I may skip this process because I need to utilize my subscription to ancestry while it is paid and I can always add images at a time when I do not have the paid subscription.


I have some documents which were scanned in and I did find time to add a few more to James W. & Rubina Rutledge's page over recent weeks.  The new stuff is spread out on the page, some embedded and some linked.  I have more to add, but just have not had the time.

These things are always time consuming because as I analyze the information on them, I become curious of things to research. One such research was to locate the Pastor on their marriage certificate.  He is not from a church where either of them lived, so I wonder where they got married.  Did the Pastor travel to them or did they get married in his church.


I did buy myself a Christmas present at the discounted rate the DNA test and spit into the tube and sent it off. I am curious what information I will learn and am anxious for the results to come back.  Will I find distant cousins?  What will it say about my ancestor's nationalities? Will it show I have Indian in me to help answer the Harbison genealogy question? The test results will be a whole new adventure for me and I am sure I will share what I learn.


After I spent a weekend working on coding images, the next two weekends hubby and I spent building the rest of the floor to ceiling shelves in the basement. This initiated the spending of time trying to sell things and meeting with people as well.  I am excited, however, to have a spot to put all my boxes of genealogy and I am busy pulling from various locations and organizing.  It may seem unproductive towards the website pages, but it is an awesome feeling to be organized.


In recent weeks I have been teaching night classes as well and that leaves me with little time to work on genealogy.  The good news is that this job comes and goes over the months, so it is a temporary set back in time management.

Of course, this weekend is going to be taken up with time doing my taxes. Gathering my online business income and calculating it can be a little time consuming.

As always, I will let you know of new things on the website for you to view as it occurs.

Till next time,


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