I did Pinterest before there was!

It seems this empty-nester cut-the-clutter thing will never end.  We have been working now for three winters just to organize stuff.  The first winter was a big overhaul. The first winter we built the shelves in the basement.  We cleared off shelves and closets and then put everything in a new home.  There was some piles in the bedroom that had not gotten put in a new place when company came and the piles got thrown into boxes behind my bedroom door.  

Last winter we were more focused on detailed cleaning, such as photos that never got put into albums and documents (i.e. wedding, obits, newspaper clippings, etc.) that never got put into albums.  We still have not finished that project either, with one shoebox left sitting on my dresser.  That shoebox is my goal next weekend.  I really want to reclaim my dresser!

The winter we built more shelves because our son had finally taken his stuff and it feels like yet another complete overhaul.  We are finally feeling close to organized.  We hit the hallway closet a few weeks back and was surprised what we found.  We are gathering a pile of garage sale items because our goal is to continue to purge after we organize.

This weekend was dedicated to the boxes behind my door.  After about 4 hours of work, I am happy to report there are no more boxes behind my bedroom door collecting dust.

One of the things I found in the box was this folder of recipes I had clipped back in the 1990's! They had been in the desk.  When we moved the desk from the kitchen to the retro room, the desk got totally empty and refilled and organized.  Not knowing what to do with these immediately, they got put in that pile and then eventually moved with the sweep up into that box.

I was laughing at myself, "Look, you did Pinterest before there was such a thing!" I clipped recipes to try and saved them, just like we now clip them onto Pinterest boards.  Not only that, but just like my Pinterest boards, I collected them and never got around to testing any of the recipes!  Ah!  I suppose I'm a collector.

At least my Pinterest boards are not clutter around my house. Funny thing though that I recently felt a need to declutter my Pinterest boards, just like I am decluttering my house.

What did I do with the recipes? I went through every one of them and snapped a cell phone photo of the ones I wanted to keep. Then I organized them into folders on my computer by type (i.e. bread, breakfast). Then I recycled the papers.  I took about 200 photos! I still have a few mini-books to go through that will be more time consuming.  

I did keep a few pieces of paper that were recipes from my 7th grade home-ec class. Yeah.  I still have those.  Am I crazy? They are the purple mimeograph print. My mom never taught me to cook and they were my first introduction to the kitchen, so I guess they are special in that way to me. Plus it is just interesting to see what a home-ec teacher thought was important to include in the course curriculum.

I am thinking I need to start taking screen shots of recipes I want to try from my Pinterest boards and removing the pin as well, to keep my collection all in one spot.

The big question really is, will I ever try these recipes? Or will they now sit on my computer hard drive?


Bastet said…
Oh I love that I am not the only one who has had a box full of recipes. Before technology I used to cut the recipes from magazines, newspapers and product packets (and still have a box or two full). There are many I would probably never use but I do have a few real favourites I use time and time again.

I also have a huge collection of recipes on two separate pinterest boards plus I have some other electronic recipes on a portable hard drive.

I still collect the free recipe magazines from the supermarket when I see them and cut recipes off packets if I think I might use them - can't seem to help myself.

Many a time when I have been bored my mum has given me a recipe book to browse through - something I really enjoy doing. So I guess I too am a collector of recipes.

I love to bake, particularly bread and cakes, but my waistline does not enjoy this hobby so much so I started to find other meal style recipes to make to fill the void.

I once remember a friend's mother saying she had enough recipes to make a different meal each night for the rest of her life. So she would make a dish and then throw the recipe out so that she would one day have used all the collected recipes up. I thought about doing this but realised if I liked a recipe I would want to make it again.

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