Kari Jobe - The Garden (Acoustic) (Lyrics)

I seem to be stuck on this song.  It has a lot of garden analogies in the lyrics, which for those that know me, that is what I love seeing in God's great earth.  Also, my Grandma's favorite song was "In the Garden" which she sang to me on her death bed and so this "The Garden" themed song makes me think of walking in the garden with God.


Lisca Meijer said…
Thank you for that lovely song. I hadn't heard it. Here in Spain we hear her Spanish songs mostly (of course) and I hadn't heard this one. It's beautiful. Our living room looks out onto the snow-topoped mountains and it makes me think of God's majesty as the garden reminds me of His love.
PS The mountains I look at are called the Sierra Nevada. They are the mountains after which the American Sierra Nevada was named.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. It warms my heart to read comments. I would love to see your mountains in Spain.

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