My DNA Test is In!

My DNA Test Results are In! Now to figure out how to utilize them and learn more about this new adventure. At first glance I see there are maps and I see 47 people they think I'm related to by ancestry hints and 313 4th cousins or closer.

I am excited to see the Native American is there. This is my Grandma Jessie Mae's line who always proudly said she was (I believe the number was) 1/16 Indian.
Here is the whole map.  Each color matches the tiny squares on the chart above. The main focus is the blue (Europe West 56%) and the teal (Ireland 27%) where the majority of my ethnicity is location. The green is Italy/Greece (7%). The orange circle is Great Britain (2%). The red circle is the Native American (1%).  The yellow circle is Scandinavian (5%). The light green circle is Asia Central (1%). The purple circle is West Asia (Caucasus, less than 1%).
This is a close up of the blue (Europe West 56%), teal (Ireland 27%), orange circle (Great Britain, 2%). The green is Italy/Greece (7%). The Yellow is Scandinavian (5%).

The majority of my ethnicity is in Germany and France. This is no surprise to me. My Geile, Grunke, Reitz, Michel, and possibly others are from Germany.  I have recently found two lines of Boyer in Ste. Genevieve and St. Francois Counties which are French. 

The next large section is Ireland and this is no surprise to me. My Great-Grandpa Finlay came to America from Ballybracken, just north of Belfast, Ireland, and my surname of Rutledge is from the Scott/Irish Border.  The Great Britain etnicity seems to be right in the middle of all this as well, so that is no surprise.

The Scandinavian was a surprise to me until I looked at the map.  I have been finding so far most of my German to have lived at the very top of Germany.  It would not be unexpected for someone in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden to travel across that small body of water to the top of Germany.

Similarly, I was surprised at the Italy/Greek until I looked at the map. The map even overlays with the France area, so it would not be unexpected that people would travel into each of these areas.

This is a close up of the light green circle which is Asia Central (1%). This is a surprise to me.  I see some tumultuous places of the world right now in this area, being Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, although the center seems to be more in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
 This is a close up of the purple circle of West Asia (Caucasus, less than 1%). This also is a surprise to me and I have no idea where this lineage is in my line as well. This is also a very tumultuous place of the world right now with it including Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and more.  This area overlaps with the above area, so it is my belief that this is one person in my tree with lineage from these two areas.  Identifying that person is a mystery.
This is a close up of the Great Britain (2%) area.  It not only covers the United Kingdom area which is in the Ireland area, but also some of France and Germany which is in the West Europe area.  Why this overlaps baffles me a bit at this time.  I would think this is certainly the Rutledge line.
This is a close up of the yellow circle of Scandinavian (5%). Denmark almost touches the top of Germany where I know I have ancestry, but the darker part of the circle is located in Southern Norway and Sweden.

I began looking at the 313 matches and found most of them to be on my Dad's lines, although some are on my Mom's lines.  I immediately figured out that I would need to create an excel sheet to organize all of the information, especially which surname each person is related to me. This will take a while.  I do not want to have to look twice at each person to re-analyze information twice.

Many of the people have no family tree uploaded, so their match is useless.  Sometimes I can click on "common" matches and tell which line they are related to by someone else in the list that does have a tree.

I am able to see the ethnicity list for each match, so I am also noting those. I believe with some study I can determine which surnames are which of my ethnicity by comparing to others who are matched.

I did message quite a few people and so far only one has replied, but we had already been in contact years ago.

I was told by many people to download the raw DNA file and upload it to I did so and the videos I watched on Youtube indicated that it may take a day or a week for my information to process before I can see one-on-one matches.  I am able to see some maps already, but their site has so much lingo that is foreign to me that I have no idea what the charts mean or which one to choose.  It will take some learning to figure it out.

I have been told that a certain woman was my Native American ancestry line, but now I am doubting the same.  Looking at the ethnicity of others related to me in her line, they do not show Native American.  That means I need to find another road to travel down to solve the "who."  I have had some hunches, especially with some brick walls, so I do have places to start.

Oh what an adventure!  Now hubby is anxious to get his done.  He says he wants to know what "flavor" he is.  He's so funny.


anitab said…
How exciting!!! I hate to tell you, but this is sort of addicting - in a very good way! ;)
But, DNA & research are the big reasons my scrapping has fallen by the wayside...
Now I need to write!!! My older daughter is telling me to do that, and she's correct. You are already writing on your blog - kudos to you!!

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