New Sharing Icons on Website -- Go for it!

Link to website -- go see for yourself the change! Start pinning and tweeting and sharing and following!  Whoo hooo!

I woke up yesterday morning on a Saturday ready to enjoy my quiet day at home beginning with a Bible journaling page.  I decided to open up Dreamweaver to attempt to make a change I had attempted to make to a part of the navigation menu that I had discovered was not working earlier in the week, and next thing I know it, I had worked six hours on the website!  I was not happy that over half my day was gone.

I had tried fixing the navigation earlier in the week, but I ended up messing up the whole website and had to put it back to where it was previously. I just do not have time to spend on techy stuff during the week.

It took me about a half hour and I was delighted to have it fixed, but since the change was in the template that goes to 1,797 other pages, I thought maybe I should fix the sharing buttons at this time too. It is getting harder and harder to change the template and re-upload that many pages, so I need to make the changes all at one time.

For social sharing, I previously had AddThis installed, but have increasingly become frustrated when I could not even share my own pages because their widget just would not load at all.  It seemed to be getting worse to where it never loaded for weeks on end.

I tried some coding I had searched online for that took a while to learn to install, only to discover it would not work for me.  That was wasted time, but a part of web designing, unfortunately.

I decided to go to each social site and utilize their direct social sharing, which was time consuming to figure out each one.  After that, I had trouble with getting them all to line up and figuring out CSS coding to help them all stay in one row nicely.  I still have not got that totally figured out, but it is close enough for now.

I am also concerned about the page load time with so many installed, so I may remove some of the "follow" ones in the future, but I'll decide that later. For myself, I need the sharing ones to stay!

I have one last problem left and that is that on the smart phone, the buttons are rather small and I need to figure out how to get them to have more space between the rows as they collapse, but after 6 hours of playing around, I decided I was done for the day, had other things to do, and would have to let it set for a while until I had more energy for such a thing.

I hope you enjoy the easy sharing now.  All that I put out there I put out there to help people and love it when new people find pages they want to share or keep to come back too.  It's my way of loving people!



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