Pinterest Clean Up (& my remaining DigiBoards)

Are you one of those people who pin and pin and pin and never go back and utilize what you pin? I raise my hand!  I cannot say "never" because I do have a private board I have used for inspiration, but for the most part, my boards are full of ideas and I never go back and review them and utilize the ideas.  I just do not have the time to do all the things I want to do.

I have decided to start cleaning up my boards.  I had a LOT for digital scrapbooking that I no longer pinned to, one for each type of kit (i.e. sports, holidays, etc.) I saved to my computer files a copy of each of the kit previews and removed the pins and the boards.  Well, most of them were not even good links anymore! The products had long retired.  So I will use the previews as inspiration for my own designs or layouts some day, should I ever find time to get back into it like I would like to.

Wow!  When I deleted the boards, I lost followers.  And I kept loosing them! And kept loosing them!  I lost about 150 in total I think.  Sigh.  I have to let that not bother me.  I never really watched the numbers on Pinterest anyway.

Then I went through and I unfollowed almost everyone and almost every board I was following. How do I know these boards are even active any more?  It's not like Twitter where there is an app to find inactive accounts.  I felt a need to clean up and begin re-following again, especially since my time and interests seem to have changed in recent years.  If I should be following you, leave me a comment and I will re-follow you!

Another reason I feel a need to clean up my Pinterest account is that I am going to be teaching a social media class soon and I need to be sure all my accounts that the students view are organized.

Another reason was to unpin everything to my old website.  I think Pinterest algorithms know when things are bad links and count that against your account.

I removed some other boards too and created some new ones and renamed some others.  I am going to keep going at this endeavor and continue to save things to my hard drive over time, removing old pins.

I am hoping the recipe ones are still to good links when I start reviewing them! I am thinking I need to start with the oldest ones and begin getting screen shots of recipes and saving them to folders on my computer.

For those that follow me online, I wanted to be sure you knew where my surviving digital scrapbooking boards were located so you could follow them if you so choose.  Here are some you may be interested in.

Digital Scrapbooking and Photography Tutorials
Got to Scraplift
Bible Journaling
Art Journaling
Doodling and Lettering
Mood Board Inspiration

Or follow all of my boards by following me.

Whew!  Just like cleaning my house, I do feel better being less cluttered!  I'm doing this in my house right now and in my digital life.

Let's keep current! Let's keep connected!


Bastet said…
I've started the electronic declutter myself and it has given me a huge appreciation of the effort and time you have put in to moving stuff from the forum.

I think it is wonderful that you are teaching a social media class soon and will be providing your students with such a good example of online behaviour. It certainly is inspiring me to put more effort in - so a big thank you to you for that.

I have found bad links for some of the recipes I have pinned so maybe I should take your example and start downloading them into the one space for ease of use.

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