When Did we Ever Become so UnAmerican?

I wrote the below on Monday with all the political drama over the travel ban going on in my social stream and then I was not sure whether or not I wanted to post it, so I let it set a few days.  Now that I am seeing more and more people agreeing with me and being brave to post similar things, I suppose I should post and preserve my thoughts since I took the time to write them.  I decided that this was more a personal venting to get my thoughts out of my head.

Those that know me know it has always been "me" to stay out of political discussions, but it seems my disbelief of the things I see before my eyes has this analytical brain working overtime. You will never know who I voted for or who I support politically, but I will say over the years I have voted for both parties. Do not assume anything between the lines in anything I write.

I have had many Facebook family and friends posting boldly for one side or another of an issue, marching for one side of an issue and the other side of an issue, standing with protesters, and writing to politicians. I always have a smile on in my mind that these folks are spunky enough to utilize their American rights, whether or not I agree with their position. I often just read and scroll on along because division, drama, and confrontation is something I choose to avoid most times.

However, on the other hand of the American spectrum, as I have been saying for months now, even out loud to people, "When did we ever become so unAmerican?" Have we forgotten the system of checks and balances built into our Constitution? There are three branches of the government and no one branch can become all powerful. The system works, so why have we forgotten to trust it? Is it the ease of access of the media to us in our social streams all competing to make our minds go "wow" so they get the views and the controversial comments above the other media? On the subject of trust, I personally am becoming more and more untrustworthy of our media. Getting worked up about extremes and being filled with worry demonstrate a lack of trust, not only a lack of trust in our government, but a lack of trust in God.

Why are we seeing this travel ban as something that we must sit on one side or the other of the fence, agreeing with one side or the other of the issue? This is not a fence siding issue. This is a finding a middle ground issue. I am trusting our government with its system of checks and balances to eventually arrive at the best middle ground for our country.

Yes, I agree we should help the refugees. My God clearly tells me in the Bible in more examples than I can quickly recall to help my neighbor, to love, and so much more. I do not need to put all those examples here because everyone, Christian and non-Christian, knows them.  The Bible is also full of examples of "aliens" or "immigrants." However, there is also much in the Bible about immigrants assimilating with people of Israel and worshiping other gods.

Would I personally invite a refugee into my home to care for them? It depends. If I felt safe with the person, most certainly I would. If I felt the person would harm me, most certainly not. God also tells me to be wise. God also loves me so much that He protects me and would want me to protect myself. So, you see, there is no fence to take a side with this question, but rather a middle ground to determine the best way to help others and to keep me safe.

In the same way, our government is tasked with a difficult job in determining the best way to help the refugees and to keep America safe. Instead of jumping off a fence that is not there towards one radical extreme or another, I feel compassion for our governmental officials and the stressful times before them as they seek this middle ground. This travel ban is only for 90 days to give the government time to determine that middle ground. It is not a religious thing, but people will turn it into something it is not.

My choice is to hover in the middle ground and pray for those in government who desperately need our prayers as they make decisions, to pray that God give them wisdom. They need our prayers, not our extremes. They need our support and not the feeling that America does not trust them. My choice is to be an American who trusts in the system.


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