Instagram Photos February 20 - 26

February 20, 2017 Prompt {books} I have a lot of books, but decided on these two from my childhood. The devotion book is from from brother and sister for confirmation. I used to read it every day. I started my diary in a little spiral notebook. Then I was gifted a real diary. I stopped writing in it when my mom read it and came to ask me why I wrote something about her. I think it's time to get over that hurt and read my own words to see what I said.

February 22, 2017 Prompt { #ontheshelf } my mom gave me her Toni doll when I was young girl. Mom suggested some names and I named her Wendy. She used to sit on my bed lying against the pillow. Every night she would get moved to the desk and every morning she would get moved to the bed and her dress carefully laid out. I have a suitcase of clothes for her that my Grandma hand-sewed. When I got married I wanted to store her in a way she would not be harmed by mold or other problems. I read that dolls were best kept out in the open where they could be aired. For the past 30 years Wendy has sat on this shelf in my living room. I look at her from time to time and wonder about the expression on her face. You know the saying, "if the fly on my wall could talk."


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