My Ancestors are Pioneers! & French & . . .

In the past two or three weeks I have uncovered some amazing stories in my genealogy and made some progress on several lines.  Every time I start to put the information onto the web pages, I get distracted and without time! I just hope I do not forget what I need to share. So as time allows, expect some more genealogy shares.

For instance, there is a story of my ancestor who dies where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers meet as he traveled from Tennessee to Washington County Missouri. He is buried there and his wife and children continued on and settled in Washington County, Missouri. More on that as I have time!

For this writing, I want to share some new genealogy webpages I made for the "Boyer" surname, since I have found two lines.

Go here: Boyer Genealogy Page

Rosine Boyer Rutledge's page gives information as to how I discovered her death certificate to be wrong.  I met a distant relative online, Liz, who provided me with the baptism information.  That is when other information I had previously dismissed began to come together.

There is indication through DNA that these new-to-me lines are accurate.

If you scroll down the page, you will see earlier ancestors which traveled from France, to Canada, to Kaskaskia Illinois, and to Old Mines, Washington County, Missouri, where they were considered pioneers! Yes! The ancestors go back to 1613 and I have another hint on Ancestry to one generation before that into the 1500's.

A "concession" is "a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands; a thing conceded." I found a place to look them up in Missouri. Read more about Old Mines concessions here.

I have a lot of reading and learning to do. On October 7, 1800, Spain ceded the whole of upper and lower Louisiana to France. The United States purchased the Louisiana territory in 1803 and the the land concession for our Charles Boyer was granted on June 4, 1803. Therefore, I need to read up on the Louisiana Purchase and the history of the forming of the counties of Ste. Genevieve and Washington Counties. I understand St. Francois County was formed from parts of those two counties.  I have seen the maps before! I need to find them again. 

When he died, he had 97 children and grandchildren living at Old Mines! Oh we are related to a whole bunch of people! Not only that, but his brothers also received concessions and lived in the area.

I saw just today one of the ancestors in this line is native American. If that is the case, then I would have two native Americans in my history. I noted who it is on the page.

I also noted that my ancestors were born in LaRochelle, France, and that stood out because we had just last week watched the episode of Who Do You Think You Are where they traced Tom Bergeron ancestors to that city.  It had made a memorable impression on us learning the history of the siege.  It was a long-standing battle between Catholic and Protestant, with 20,000 Protestants living in the city.  They surrounded the city and cut off access of fish traveling up the river so as to starve the people.  When so many had died after over a year's time that only 5,000 were left, they surrendered.  15,000 had died! My ancestor was born in this city 13 years after the siege! So did his parents survive the siege or did they come after the siege was over? Now I really want to know.

Watch the show online here.

That's all for now! I have so much more and more info than I have time to process, but I will share as I can.


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