Since you've been gone!

Since you've been gone!  Sing it!  I've been gone off of Blogger for 11 days and that is hard for me to believe.  I hope you've missed me and I hope I can get on a roll again.

Apparently while I am not posting, people are searching the internet and arriving at these posts:

What is a Pseudo Video? (really?)
Sentence Sermons (always on the top searches)
Store Closing (or opening) (makes me wonder if I missed something)

My absence started with a weekend devoted to a long overdue procrastinated project of sorting and putting into albums a collection of professional photos, obituaries, wedding announcements, graduation announcements, and all that important things that document our lives from the time I went off my ability to keep up in 2002.  We worked about 6 hours one day and 7 the next and were so thankful to get that job done!  Now I can see my dresser again!  Whooo hoooo!

Then I spent a few days working on some genealogy updates to the website and made a lot of progress, but did not quiet finish enough to even share my work. I still need to get back to doing that before I forget all about the fun new findings I have made!

I had to stop to turn my attention to writing the course outline for the class I was teaching the next Monday night and my entire spare time was spent on that project.  I thought I would never finish and, really have not, but I've made it far enough along to survive the first night of class and then some.  I was teaching social networking and while I was writing, I had to look about my accounts to think about how I would teach it.  Goodness, talk about distracting! How do you not get distracted on social media when you are writing about it?

We also did some tornado relief and I will share a few photos in the next post.

I hope to get back to the regular schedule here now.  I'm so anxious to get back to reading the Lenten book by Liz Curtis Higgs, The Women of Easter, as well as making some more Bible journaling pages and continuing my reading through the Gospels chronologically.

I haven't had any time to put up new content in forever, but I will continue to re-share the old content and move some free things to the guides as I have time.  I have not given up hope, for those who are wanting new from me, of creating again.  I know it is going to happen sometime, but I'm not sure when.  I bet you've given up hope in me.

Glad to have you hear with me if you are reading along.


Tammy said…
You've been one busy lady!!

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