Spring Earthworms

The Spring rains came in the night. In the morning as I went to fetch the daily paper from our curbside mailbox, I saw a large number of earthworms trying to cross our asphalt driveway as well as the street. A few, being badly misdirected were even on our concrete carport, all in an attempt to get out of the water soaked ground.

This kind of event happens all the time. Those little, blind creatures that God created do a mighty job in both aerating the soil and turning organic matter into soil. I count on them when I take our leftover food scraps out to bury in the garden, knowing that in a short while, thanks to those earthworms, that waste material will be valuable for the vegetables that God and I will be growing there.

But now, they are in trouble. The rough asphalt is hard on their bodies. They are exposed to birds and the sun drying their skin as well as the occasional car and foot traffic.

There are so many of them, that it is easy to bypass them. what are a few earthworms more or less? And then I remember, God could have easily thought that way about us. What are a few humans more or less?

I don't have to suffer and die on a cross to help those little worms. The rain is over and all I have to do is to bend over and scoop them up one at a time and put them in the grass. As I go to pick up each one, it squirms and recoils trying to get away, not realizing that it is being saved.

And if God chooses to pick me up, though I wriggle and squirm, may he not decide that I am too small or too much trouble to bother with.

By Dan Shutters.
Pastor in the Pastures, Grantville, PA


Shirley said…
Hi from New Zealand. Great blog - I'll love your idea for the theme. May He be glorified. :)

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