Tulips Make Me Sleepy!

I came home from work yesterday to find half a flower on my kitchen table.  Hubby told me this story:

The neighbor children were ringing the doorbell wanting the dogs to come out to play.  He looked out the window and saw the little neighbor boy pick a tulip.

Hubby went out and said "Oh no, don't pick the flowers, if you pick them, they will die."

He said, "This flower makes me sleepy; it really does!"

Hubby said, "you can't pick it because it will die."

He said, "Plant it and it will grow."

Hubby said, "No, I don't think it will work that way."

He said, "How do you know?!"

Hubby said, "Because I'm old."

He said, "Are you sure!?"

Hubby told the children to wait for me to come home and I would tell them which flowers they could pick.


Tammy said…
Too funny. :)

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