Designer Technique - Misty Cato - Brushes and Stamps

Please allow me to introduce this week's Designer Technique, Misty Cato! She is sharing with us today techniques using brushes and stamps. I must admit that although I love seeing layouts such as these, every time I see one, I have not incorporated these techniques much into my layouts. Misty's write-up is encouraging me to step outside of my box. What about you?

I remember the first time I found Misty in the digiworld. It was when she was first starting out and I remember her being very unpolished, but seeming to be with much potential. I really enjoyed her very first magazine entitled Inspired to Scrap, which really caught my eye. She offered such great inspiration and ideas. After about 4 magazines, she changed its format and really began to shine!

I must say that I have really enjoyed watching her grow into a professional designer. I am SO amazed! I do believe that with every kit and every writing she taps into herself and improves yet a bit more. I am so anxious to see what more she has in store for us. How far will she go? I have enjoyed traveling behind her down the road thus far.

She started her blog and semi-recently began posting some wonderful tutorials on it. She offers the most amazing freebies on her blog too on a regular basis. What she has done to contribute to the digiworld is priceless.
You can find her products at Scrapbook-Bytes and Scrapbook-Elements, and you can stay informed of her new releases, read tutorials and get lots of free stuff on her blog.

One of my favorite layout techniques is incorporating brushes or stamps in my pages. I think brushwork adds a touch of artistry to the page and flat nature of the brushwork is a nice counterpoint to bulkier elements.

This is one of my favorite pages incorporating brushwork. The flowers and swirls along the right side of the page were created using Tracy Ann Robinson’s Brushware.
When I talk to new digital scrappers I find that many consider using brushes to be an ‘advanced’ technique. But usually you can use ‘brushes’ and stamp-like elements like any other element. Most designers include a .png pack along with any brush set. With the .png files you can drag them onto your canvas and use them any you would any scrapping supply.

They can be used to add a touch of whimsy as in this layout. The brushes here are actually .png stamps from my Starting in Style series.

r to help frame as page as I did with the lotus flower brushes on this page (downloaded these brushes from

Paint style brushes are great for accenting a title (brushes from DaniB at Scrapbook-Bytes).

Brushes and stamps are so diverse and versatile. There are grungy sets, whimsical sets, florals, ephemera images and more. Just check out the ‘Brushes’ section of your favorite digisupply store.
My favorite kit is my favorite for sentimental reasons – it was inspired by my little boy. I love boyish grungy stuff, but it doesn’t usually seem to fit with photos of my happy-go-lucky toddler. I wanted something boyish, but still happy and fun, so I created ‘That’s My Boy’. I did a 24-page 4x6 brag book for Jamin to ‘give’ to his grandparents on his 2 year birthday.

First Posted 3/17/2007


LVMommy22 said…
this was great hummie! i really love misty's style, and her tutorials are so easy to read and follow. tfs!
:) M
Anonymous said…
I am a great fan of Mistys' style. Her tutorials are easy to follow, and a wonderful help for a beginner. It is great to see her getting some kudos.


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