Egg Share EggsPlosion!

Who would have thought that me craving egg salad sandwiches would have influenced so many others to crack the egg! How funny is the power of suggestion!

Danzinst left this suggestion in the comments and I'm gonna have to try it!

"I learned this tip from a chef years ago when boiling eggs. I let them boil for 8 minutes,immediately put them in cold water and crack every one all over while they are still in the cold water. 5 minutes later the shells just slide off. This had worked for me for years. Of course if you are going to do Easter Eggs don't crack them, lol!"

This just calls for an Egg Share EggsPlosion!

Go ahead, leave a comment below to share about your eggs.

Here are photos of my egg salad sandwich.

I started out with some peeled eggs, mustard, mayo, and relish. Not so appealing looking this way.

I used the fork to just mash it all together. Not so appealing this way either with all the slime on the side of the bowl.
A must is the toasted bread! Here is the finished sandwich! Now wasn't that quick and easy. Yummy!

***First shared 3/25/2008


DanisDelusions said…
Now this should be interesting. Let's see how many other people are as crazy as us to go make an egg salad sandwich and snap photos of it. *LOL*
verabear said…
Oh it looks so yummy! All that spread on one sandwich, wowowow! hahaha :) thanks for sharing

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