Fess up! Bathroom Babbles (#3)

*Written 5/9/2007
Okay, fess up! Which of my men is reading my blog and decided to mess up my posts by cleaning my bathroom before I could get photos of Part 3 and Part 4? Think it is funny? No worries, rest assured, it will be back in a few days. I double dog dare ya to clean it again before I can get a photo the next time.

In fact, I double dog dare ya to clean Part 5 and Part 6 before I can get photos of them. You missed a few spots.


Loralynn said…
You are sooo funny! I thought I was the only one who had the EXACT same type of hair problems! I have two major ones. One for humans in my bathroom like you and one in a spot where my two hallways come together in a "T" for the pets. Like you said, every couple of days there is a nice sized clump to pick up! I also have been blessed with three boys, but I was also finally blessed with a little girl six years ago. I read through your blog and have added you to my daily checks. I love all your rambelings...

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