I *maybe* found my husband's Cherokee Ancestors!

So I was playing around with the Ancestry leaf suggestions on Keith's tree and this is what I found the other day. He says it has always been passed down that he has Cherokee ancestors. He had no idea where. I have never been able to find it before and had no idea what line it might be up. So it is rather exciting to actually find it and to read the names. Some of the siblings names not shown here get pretty wild.

Note that his third great grandparents died on the Trail of Tears. There are also Indian chiefs.

I see no documentation to back this up, but certainly it must be out there. So please remember this is just a suggestion, but even suggestions are fun to consider!

Edit: I already have someone who is saying the Moytoy part is wrong, but people keep adding it on Ancestry.  See what I mean!


brenda said…
I need help on this two. my Ancestors are tie to them too
Wow! Seriously! So you and my hubby could be related?

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