It is alright to cry.

Written 8/27/12 -- Can you identify?

I cried today.  Why?  Facebook depresses me.  It seems to me it is just like high school in where I am still a "nobody" because no one cares enough about the things I post to comment on them.   Family is the worst and family is supposed to be the ones who care the most.  Instead, they are the ones that judge the most.

This is not the first time, nor the second, I have cried because of the lack of comments on my posts, when I see others having long streams of comments.  I know it is not a popularity contest and I know people sometimes miss posts, but when you go months on end and people do not even hit the stupid "like" link, it is hard not to read truth into the facts.

I often feel like I give, and give, and give comments and "likes" showing I care, but these same people never reciprocate.  Ever never.  Why is it so one-sided?

People are people.  People are born self-centered.  People are born self-righteous.  They live on their own little Facebook wall worlds, all about themselves.  If you try to tell them that their lack of commenting on your posts hurts, they cannot see how that would hurt you and feel they have done no wrong.

Not doing something can hurt someone as much as doing something.

People are people.  Each person has his or her own secret hurts that they cannot tell anyone.  I feel I cannot tell anyone how their lack of caring hurts because then I am judged for complaining or judged as expecting too much from others.

People are people.  We act and react the way we do because of fear of judgment.  In this case, the best way to react to my hurts is to be silent and just cry.  I learned a long time ago it is not a good idea to post online when you feel hurt.

It is not good to hold my feelings inside, but when I exclaim my feelings out loud, I am always judged for them.  So instead, it is most healthy to just cry.  And pray.  And in that silence and prayer, I become stronger.


Tammy said…
Hugs, Hummie. I sometimes feel that way about my blog. I post on other people's blogs, but...there's no reciprocation and then I remember that I blog for me and if no one comments that's okay. I can still look back and remember. :)

More hugs!!!
Donna said…
There are a lot of us that feel this way, and like Tammy said about her blog, is how I feel too. I do the wordart because I enjoy doing it, but it is always nice to have someone say "good job- thank you!"
But people will be people and we are not going to change them.
Hugs Donna
Amen! I can spend the better part of a day on a blog post - not to mention how long a freebie might have taken. Not one word, not a thank you, nothing! Just remind myself I enjoy the creative process so I am getting something in return. I certainly have meant some nice people in my travels.
Jewely89 said…
I just started a blog. To help me thru my extreme depression. And I'm on and off sporadically - and if no one reads it, well, that's probably better - I won't bring them down! So, if there are no comments there, I'm ok. Because I know if my husband gets there, any comments will hurt worse - he doesn't understand. So, so far I am grateful for a silent area for right now...
mshoneybee said…
Here is a big hug for you! I don't think I have looked at your blog before...your site is sooo big and there is so much to read and learn. I appreciate everything you do - and I am learning so much from you and from other members! Take care and have a fabulous day! Melissa in SC

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