Ivory Photography Theme Inspiration

(June 6, 2010) Maegan of Creativity Bootcamp challenged us with the word "ivory."

Maegan asked in one of the discussions what our "creative dreams" were. My reply was: "Dreaming is a way of focusing on "hope." Dreaming is my way of having what I cannot have for just a moment, even if only in my mind, in hopes that someday it will be real."

I began googling and thinking about what "ivory" represents. When we tell someone to come down from their "ivory tower" and take a bite of the real world, we think of those people sitting around in this wonderful, calm, peaceful abodes where no harm can come to them. It is a place of refuge.

The color ivory represents pureness, softness, and cleanliness. It is quiet, calming, and relaxing. Now why don't I have more of it about my home!

So, I set out with my camera about my house to look for ivory things to photograph. When I found this vignette of a box and little pillow a friend had given me, it occured to me that when I have joy, I am calm at heart. Sometimes joy can lend to an exciteable heart, but sometimes it can be a calmed heart free of burdens and just breathing in deeply the moment.

Then I found this poem.

Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there's a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living." Anonymous

So, this first photo is my chosen "ivory" for the theme, followed by other photos I took for the theme.

This was inspired by my thoughts above.

(photo missing) This is a photo my grandfather took and the frame he had it in. You may have seen this photo in a layout of mine as it is special to me. I've always loved this ivory frame.

This little ivory frame and ivory flowers sits on a shelf in my living room. It's simple and elegant. Not a very good photo of it though.

My good friend Pam sewed this for me and it is special to me. I've had it a long time. The cross-stitch material is ivory.

This sits by my television set. It has a lot of ivory in it, but also some blues. There is a strand of small lights in the bowl that when turned on heats the poupouri so that it smells. The lights turned much of the ivory yellow though.

My new fountain in the backyard has the color of ivory stone. The water is actually discolored by the red rose petals that fell into it.

A little ivory stone bird that sits on the stone wall of my flower bed. I like the rust on it.

A little rusted ivory-pearl butterfly ornament on a plant hanger in my garden.

Nothing says ivory "cleanliness" like this, huh? Don't laugh too hard!

In my bathroom....not the best photo.


Stephanie said…
I love getting comments, so I thought I would comment on yours! I love, love, love the first pic. The creamy ivory with the sage green is one of my favor color combos! Beautiful. I also love how you gave such a wide variety of "ivory" pics. Keep it up!
Feel free to visit me at... http://northfillmorestreet.blogspot.com

I love comments... they make me happy!

Happy blogging!
I like the bird in the garden too! I agree with you, the rust looks good. What a wonderful idea, to go around the house in search of ivory. And you have a lot of it.

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