New Google Earth

I saw this morning that there is a new Google Earth.  I've always wanted to find time to explore the old one, but have not been able much, so I have no idea what is different.

The 5 things to try are searching by location, location cards (for bits of learning information), orbit the world in 3D (tilt and rotate the map with shift + drag.), take the helm with a voyager, and feeling lucky.

These are found on a menu bar on the left side of the screen (if using the web version in a browser), that is: search, voyager, feeling lucky, and the last two are my places, and share.

I tried lucky and this is where they took me! In the bottom right corner is the button for switching between 3D and 2D and on the right is also the information card about the location. There is also a small earth that shows the general location. What I learned quickly in exploring in 3D is that it is easy to get your north and south and east and west turned around! Ah! But there is a little compass to click for that.  They thought of everything!

What is so great about Google Earth is that me, being poor and unable to travel much, can explore the world to learn about it without leaving my living room. If only they had a Google Earth when I was in high school.

Isn't this fun?  The second time I felt "lucky" it took me to this tiny island out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.  It reminds me of Hawaii out in the middle of the vast ocean.

Have fun!


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